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Re: HID's 9 years ago #2905

Boris wrote:
I leave mine in for MOT. In fact the GSA just passed it's second MOT on Saturday with them fitted.

As for dazzle. As long as the burner is designed properly then there shouldn't be a problem however a well designed burner in a poorly designed reflector can cause problems.

Another problem is some halogen lamps have the tip of the capsule painted over to stop direct sight of the filament and if you fit standard HID burners you can end up with a line of sight to a much brighter arc. You can get burners to cope with this and these have an "R" suffix so a H7R is the same as a standard H7 but with the tip of the glass "painted" over

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Re: HID's 9 years ago #2910

  • Boris
  • Greenlane Bimbler
  • Posts: 93
£29 quid for a bike MOT. My local charges £20.

It's a bit of a trek for you mind.

Re: HID's 9 years ago #2921

  • Udders
  • Desert Raider
  • Posts: 650
Mine was £29 too.
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