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More stuff knocked up in the garage.
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TOPIC: More stuff knocked up in the garage.

More stuff knocked up in the garage. 8 years, 2 months ago #5461

I don't suppose you would know this but the OE XR 400 headlight unit is quite complicated and expensive to replace, which is why mine came with one of those after market twin halogen units fitted.
Aesthetically I hated the look of it and it was soon upgraded to an Acerbis unit which was more in keeping with the OE style.
The only thing wrong with the Acerbis was the pathetic bulb fitted to it with the output of a failing candle, so this was ditched in favour of a H4 unit which fitted straight in with no mods required save for some wiring which was no biggy.
This is where the the following mods came in, because the H4 and attendant wiring protrudes more out of the back, and with the rubber straps that attach it to the forks there is no option to move it forward out of the way which is OK if you are planning on travelling in a straight line, but if you have any plans to turn the handle bars the oil, clutch and wiring harnesses get caught up and effectively pull the lamp holder out of it's posts = no light.

Some bar stock, vice, rubber hose, 6 nuts and bolts, and some 1.2 mm ally plate to the rescue.
First off was to bend the bar into the desired shape, to fit into the holes in the bottom yoke where the OE unit once sat, then areldite some hose onto the ends which is the same diameter as the holes in the yoke, followed by larger diameter hose areldited over the outside of the first ones to act as a stop, while the areldite was tacky I shaped it into a pleasing taper, and painted it black using Humbrol enamel paint.

Then I made up some "P" clips from the ally, as an aside this stuff is great to work with, I use a large pair of scissors for small cuts and a stanley knife for the larger / longer cuts, scribing about a 1/3 of the way through and then bending back and forth for a clean cut line.

The ally was also used to make for the want of a better description a cable tray,I cut a simple oblong and drilled a few holes into it to accept some zip tyes, then stacked and zip tyed the harness connectors to it.
This was drilled and fixed using domed bolts to the number board above the headlight.

Finally I made up four lengthening strips to span the gap between the headlight units new position and the rubber retaining bands, plus four extra large washers to allow fitting smaller bolts to where the original bands would have been.
(The bottom square washers and dome headed bolts will be painted white the same as the number board in the front view.
I will also be making a couple of infill panels to keep the side view sanitised, made of a white plastic as yet to be determined**.

Note the bolts securing the cable tray above the headlight.

** I decided on pressing a 5 ltr screen wash bottle into service.

Here you'll see the bottle and template made out of a cereal box for the side infill's, plus some plastic blind rivets liberated from one of the jobs that I was working on a couple of years ago, I knew they'd come in handy.

And the final shot is of the completed job; sorted!

The headlight unit is now steady as a rock and snag free.

On a different tack and on a different machine I also knocked up an adaptor plate for the fender bag, so that I can swap it between the two bikes.
Again I use the 1.2 mm sheet, which I sandwiched between the bottom inside and outside and riveted into place.
I also drilled some holes in the inner sheet to accept the rubber holders that you can see pictured; these hold things like tyre levers down and stop them from banging around.
This was fixed to the subframe and is again nice and steady.

That little lot took care of an otherwise boring Saturday.

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Re: More stuff knocked up in the garage. 8 years, 2 months ago #5462

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Good Job!
Wish I could get some much-needed time in the garage

Re: More stuff knocked up in the garage. 8 years, 2 months ago #5463

Do it, as it's very therapeutic; time just fly's by.

BTW PM sent.

Re: More stuff knocked up in the garage. 8 years, 2 months ago #5487

Brilliant mate
The following user(s) said Thank You: Trevor Pastrami

Re: More stuff knocked up in the garage. 8 years, 2 months ago #5489

Thank you kind sir.
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