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I should have posted this months ago on here...

This is the ride out I try to complete and I think last year was the first time that happened, even if it did take 11 hours, but that did include stopping for lunch and a tyre blow out and repair!

Just to note, the nearest Petrol Stations to the campsite are the Esso on the A11 postcode NR16 2JU or Sainsbury's in Attleborough postcode NR17 2EH both just under 7 miles away, always best to top up before we head off for the day.]]>
ATR Thetford Safari 2019 - 10th-12th May Mon, 08 Apr 2019 14:56:06 +0000
Subject: So quiet here now... - by: steveR Mind ABR sems to be a hell of a lot quieter these days too...

Anyone still riding out...?

I was pretty well grounded last year with "Herself" in poor form so I had to cancel my Spring trip Autumn was a non starter, so I ended up with a few days in Ireland on the Big Un. Guess what, it was Ireland so it pissed down... then on the way back to Dublin my crotch was totally filled with hailstones... in September!!

2019 was going to start with a good and challenging trip, as I was putting a ride together with a riding mate from Scotland. We were going to do the Portugal ACT route in May and were pulling together the trip, then his Missus got a little unhappy at the time he would be away... Nearly 3 weeks for him...!! So that was cancelled Spanish ferries are too expensive as a solo and almost impossible to get a crossing now. So, Pah!

I am now wondering about a run through France to N Portugal and then ride down and then a 3/4 days run back from the Algarve to N France. Don't really fancy that much road work on the NX400 though... Decisions decisions! Plan C was maybe to have the liitle bike taken to Faro or Malage and fly and collect it then ride S to North.

Anyone doing anything this time??]]>
Around the Camp Fire Tue, 02 Apr 2019 20:47:16 +0000