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F800GS Hyperpro suspension spring uprade
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TOPIC: F800GS Hyperpro suspension spring uprade

F800GS Hyperpro suspension spring uprade 5 years, 2 months ago #11326

  • Twintec
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Right, even before I bought my F8 in 2014 I had heared that one of the let downs of the bike was the overly soft, non-adjustable front forks. Having undertaken internet research plus advice from forum member GB who used to have one of these bikes, I was convined that upgrading to Hyperpro progressive front and rear springs was the way forward and is very cost effective at about £240.

However I made my first mistake. GB had suggested procuring the necessary spring kit (comes with fork oil, stickers etc) from a company called Calsport, which I promptly forgot the name of. So I ordered it from another supplier who looked to have it at a good price.

First issue was that it took some 2 weeks to arrive, hey ho, I was deliberately doing this in the winter so there was no panic to use the bike so much (though I do use it year round). So on a Saturday morning I rode to work and set to stripping the front end down, using GB's useful guide on the ABR forum.

Sadly I had stripped one fork apart and poured the old oil away when I realised....I had been supplied with 50mm lowering springs! AT 6'1 I was not interested in lowering the bike. I manged to get in touch with the seller who was apologetic and arranged to send the replacements. So I had to put the bike together enough to make it pushable and get a lift home.

Fast forward another week and the replacements had arrived but this time, despite me making it clear that I wanted the rear spring to be black and the first (wrong) one being black, the replacement was purple! If it had come to it I could've lived with it but it was annoying, so back to the seller again. He was very busy so he requested I deal with his supplier directly. Cue many more phone calls, they obviously wanted the wrong one back before they would send the black one out so another 2 weeks went by of me pusing the bike in and out of work every day.

Then the final straw came, I thought I had everything I needed so set to again on my Saturday morning, only to find the kit was for a '13 bike and the fork springs were too small to fit the top mount nuts (my bike is a '10). At this point I had had enough so I messaged the seller to tell him I was returning it all for a refund and I would re-order from somewhere else.

Unbelievably he proceded to tell me he was 'not happy', that 'he only makes £20 on these kits' etc etc. So I told him how I had incurred £40 in return postage fees, 80 miles in my car and hours of wasted time, so I was not happy either. I told him it was nothing personal but I just couldn't mess about any more, the bike having been off the road for four weeks at this point. Thereupon I re-orered the kit from Calsport and it was here the next day!

The silver lining is that the spring kit has transformed the bike, it really inspires confidence through the corners so it comes highly recommended, as long as you buy it from the right place!

The other bit of grief came in the shape of a lovely Britannia Composites fairing with adjustable height screen, ordered from the manufacturers in Canada. Before it was delivered, I was stung by a £100 customs charge, on top of the not inconsiderable £300 price of the fairing. I had to pay it to get it delivered, but it transpired that the value had been calculated in US Dollars not Canadian Dollars. Cue more form filling and wasted time, but a refund of £20 did arrive by cheque.

These things are sent to try us, but at least I am that bit closer to getting the bike I wanted for so long to the spec I want it.
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Re: F800GS Hyperpro suspension spring uprade 5 years, 2 months ago #11327

  • DanH
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What a ball ache from the first supplier! If he's not happy, perhaps he should get someone in who can do the job of sending out correct parts

Sounds like you got there in the end and the bike is coming along nicely
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Re: F800GS Hyperpro suspension spring uprade 5 years, 2 months ago #11328

  • Ben600
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It does sound like a pain in the ass, but glad its resolved... Get some pics up

I've heard nothing but good things on the hyperpro stuff - my road bike will be treated this coming winter
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Re: F800GS Hyperpro suspension spring uprade 5 years, 2 months ago #11330

  • GB
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