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Oh electrical Jedi's hear my call!
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TOPIC: Oh electrical Jedi's hear my call!

Oh electrical Jedi's hear my call! 9 years ago #3385

Hey Guys,
After a great weekend at Touratech meeting some great people, in which we will be blogging about shortly. I have started the buying process for the bikes for the trip so I spent a few bob on upping the lighting, starting with the rear brake lights because the original is bloody tiny!
So a quick question how do I install said device, and am at a bit of an impasse at where, how and what to do! Can any of you guys help, i have included a picture of the light, which by the way is great as I have one on the 990 and for the price it is great!

The wires are:-

tail light = yellow
stop lamp = red
ground = black

Mucho grassy arse!

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Re: Oh electrical Jedi's hear my call! 9 years ago #3387

Hi Sam,

I'll give it a go and sorry if turns out sounding over complicated, it's not my intention..

It's either going to be very straight forward or a little tricky depending on whether you are planning to replace the existing unit altogether or are adding the new light in addition.

In either situation you will need to pay attention to the current draw of the original fitting and the new one to ensure the existing wiring is up to the job of supplying both of them simultaneously or just the new one on it's own which could be higher power than the origional.

Are the new / replacement LED or Incandescent?

The three wires will be battery (-) and the other two stop and tail.

If the replacement fitting draws more current than the original or you are planning to fit it in addition then you may well need to add a couple of relays depending on the spec of the existing wiring and switch gear capability (assuming it's not CAN BUS).

I'm not sure what the cable spec is like on KTM's though manufactures do tend toward saving costs and cutting down on weight these days.

If I were in your situation I would be inclined to add a couple of additional fused circuits to the bike for all the accessories including this and go down the relay route for maximum peace of mind.

If however it's just a direct replacement for one of equal power, let me know and I should be able to advise on how to wire it up

Re: Oh electrical Jedi's hear my call! 9 years ago #3393

hey EC,

Nope all sounds pretty straight forward, this is just as a complimentary light as the existing on is rather lame, the unit itself is LED so no massive draw from the battery me thinks, no can bus here just simple fuse box I think. The fuse box has a couple of redundant optional fuses such as for accessories that are connected to ignition like my satnav and then another which is permanent positive. I am not sure if I can wire this one also straight into the brake light/horn/turn signal fuse.
Heres a pic of the fuse box....

I have to be honest the KTM quality is damn good, I have already ridden it a couple hundred miles, and not including the throttle body disconnecting on my bike (another story, in which I have to say was sorted and was due to loose clamps) I have yet to find much to fault.

I don't mind wrenching bikes, but this electrical stuff is somewhat like sorcery to me, thanks again EC!


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Re: Oh electrical Jedi's hear my call! 9 years ago #3398

Wow, now there's a picture that gets me excited All shiny and new, love it

I wouldn't be too concerned about the tail lamp, you would probably get away with just hooking this up to the bikes existing tail lamp feed.

The stop lamp (if a 21W bulb) will be drawing about 1.75 Amps.

If you then measure the current draw from the new fitting like this..

(Your red and black in place of bulb in above picture)

Add the result from above with 1.75 then visit this page..


Go for a length of a meter at 1% acceptable loss. (though i'm sure you would get away with more)

You will then get the required cable size.

Measure the KTM cable, if it's greater than or equal to above, again you can safely hook it up to the existing stop light cable. In the same way as the tail lamp.

If it's less than, then I would suggest using a relay

The relay coil could be hooked to the existing wiring and the switch side of the relay used to switch a spare fused battery feed to the stop light.

Good luck and looking forward to hearing about the bikes Cheers EC

P.S. apologies to Clare, I've not managed to catch up on her recent posts in the run up to the weekend. Hope to soon as I mentioned us trying meet up before you guys leave

Re: Oh electrical Jedi's hear my call! 9 years ago #3399

Much thanks again EC I shall endeavour to do that this weekend, as myself and clare are going to wales tomorrow for some family shenanigans and meeting up with the wales air ambulance crew for some promotional shots

No worries I'll let clare know, and we shall definitely meet up so you can check out my electrical prowess, thats unless I set the bike on fire

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