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Project XL600VJ Transalp
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TOPIC: Project XL600VJ Transalp

Project XL600VJ Transalp 9 years, 1 month ago #1537

Been in the garage again, well garden to be more precise..

As some of you may already know, my little project is a 1988 Honda Transalp, I say little project because she appears, with the exception of the panel work, to be a very good example for her age. Only 26,000 miles on the clock, two previous owners from new and she even came complete with the original Honda toolkit.

She's an early rear drum break model, I would have preferred the rear disc break model produced between 1991 and 1994 (before the face lift) but this is what came up at the time and I'm hoping that the lack of a rear disc break doesn't turn out to be too much of a big deal especially when she will be carrying the best part of 200kg most of the time.

Cosmetic wise, as mentioned above, there is room for improvement though this is not the fault of the bike, rather the previous owner wanting a colour change in the middle of a house move and loosing half the panels in the process.

Missing was the two rear side panels, the front cowl, screen and infill panel that goes around the clocks. If I remember correctly I was able to obtain the Left side panel in a matter of weeks for around £20 S/H. Unfortunately the right side panel took the best part of a year to get hold of and ended up costing closer to £50 S/H.

Basically the right side panel covers the battery and my theory is that this panel is removed more frequently, because of this the fixings become weaker and the panel falls off, probably while being ridden so the panel gets lost, new replacements are too expensive hence a world shortage of second hand ones.

In December 2010 I was able to swap a post 1994 cowl bought in error just over a year earlier for the older style one that would fit my model. (The seller had listed incorrect p/n at the time)

So in terms of parts, on the cosmetic front, the only thing really left to get hold of was the screen. Incredibly, in the early part of 2011, a complete set of panels came up minus the illusive right side panel and the screen. The latter bit being the part that i needed, but knowing the trouble I had trying to get a front cowl nose cone I decided not to turn it down, and bought the whole lot, after all, the condition of the nosecone obtained in the swap arrangement wasn't brilliant and it wouldn't hurt to have some spare body work especially with the vision of a grand paint scheme at the back of my mind.

As if that wasn't enough, a few weeks later another cowl came up and this time with the screen, result, but also on offer was another of the very illusive right side rear panel. Again, I couldn't resist it and snapped them up.

So with all the panels + more in stock, it's onto the next stage, colour scheme and painting.

So what have I been doing in the garden today, stay tuned to find out folks

TBC... Pictures to be added soon folks

Hope to pick this up again soon thought in the meantime I've been out in the garage checking the splines on the output shaft that the front sprocket sits on. Having read reports that they are liable to wear, it's been on my mind almost since the day I got it, but I always figured that it would be ok given the relatively low mileage.

I should have checked this first in hindsight to give me some idea of what I was up against but only now I've started putting in some real time and effort did I decide that this should be a priority.

Well it was on my mind since the minute I woke up so it was to be the first job, well almost first job, i nearly tripped over the battery that was sitting in a ice cream tub charging in the conservatory so figured I would connect this first and see if she would crank over..

This time I put the bike on the centre stand, selected second gear and wound the wheel forward and back then round to free the pistons a bit thinking that this may have been the cause of my failed attempt to get her to crank over on Sunday. Sure enough, very stiff to start with then eventually it felt right so I connected the battery and she cranked over like the started had some real muscle.

Chuffed to bits with the fact that the battery was ok and while she was on the centre stand it was time to face the music and inspect the splines.

See www.adventuretrailrider.com/forum/40-pro...aft-wear-worn-output
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Re: Project XL600VJ Transalp 9 years, 1 month ago #1541

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